Our Values

Our values are consistent with those of our sister company. We believe in having a substantial and lasting impact in everything we do. We believe in leaving a positive mark where ever we go. None of that is possible without the exceptional people we hire who are the heart of the business.

OUR SUCCESS IS MEASURED BASED ON THE DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH OF OUR CLIENTS, THE IMPACT WE HAVE AT A POLICY LEVEL AND THE IMPACT WE HAVE ON OUR ENVIRONMENT AND PEOPLE. Whether we are working with an SME employing 5 people, an education institution, an association or large manufacturer we ensure that our clients are able to continue the implementation of what they have learnt, no matter how hard it may seem at times. We are only as successful as the commitment and interest of our clients in their own development and the remarkable people we work with and proudly we are consistent in achieving these goals time and time again.

WE BELIEVE THAT EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE WILL CREATE EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS, PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY. We believe in hiring those people, who bring a combination of analytical rigour, leadership and inquisitiveness. Those people who strive to do things better, who want to share their knowledge and expertise, who do not waiver under pressure and who are not afraid of answering the tough questions we are faced with today. Those beliefs in our people to succeed personally and professionally, how we measure our success and impact, reinforce one another and ensure that we are sustainable, resilient and exceed the expectations of our clients, people and shareholders and leave a lasting and positive mark wherever we go.


RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT AND CULTURE: Our clients come from different backgrounds and nationalities. We come from different backgrounds and nationalities. Together, we help tounderstand the cultural and business environment in which we work and live. To bridge cultural divides and bring people together and build trust and respect amongst people and their unique values. Ensure that we are grounded and able to help each other in respecting the environment and culture, as long as it does not impact our integrity and professionalism negatively, in any form or manner.

TELL THE TRUTH AS WE SEE IT, NO MATTER HOW HARD IT WILL BE TO HEAR: Ensure intellectual honesty and presentation of information and data in a straight forward and practical manner to ensure the client understands the challenges and opportunities ahead. To never re- interpret or present the truth in a manner that will cloud the understanding of what is true.

REMAIN INDEPENDENT AND STEADFAST: To agree to disagree, and innovate. If a result or recommendation is not what our clients want to see, ensure we remain independent and factual in our opinions and objective in our approach. Have the courage to seek alternative solutions and options but never waiver from the truth and facts on hand.

TO DO THINGS EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY AND DELIVER THE BEST SERVICE TO EVERY CLIENT: To ensure we deliver value for our services respecting our clients and the quality of people that work with us. To manage expectations at all times and ensure that we deliver when we say we will deliver. To never take a short cut when the pressure is on.

TO ALWAYS PUT THE CLIENTS’ INTEREST AHEAD OF OUR OWN: Ensure that we do what is best for the client which is not always what the client asks us to do. To provide solutions and options for consideration that ensure we do the right thing by the client. To engage in discussion and effective communications that help people to see things in different light.

TO UPHOLD CONFIDENTIALITY: To always maintain the highest standards of confidentiality with any information and data we work with. To never share or expose an individual data point that is confidential. To never request data from or put a colleague, client or external provider in a compromising position. To always uphold the code of conduct and confidentiality agreements in place.

TO UPHOLD THE INTEGRITY OF OUR PROFESSION: To always be consistent, truthful and honest in the delivery of our services. To never undermine, undercut or do bad by our competition. To respect each other and others in the profession.

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