Who we are

Leaders in talent and skills development. Productivity and people experts. We are workforce developers delivering superior results to every client and industry we work with.

We develop talent and skills in industries that have marked impact on employment creation and economic sustainability; by doing so, we create more value added for the industry, and more accessible competencies for Cambodian Manufacturing Industries.

We take a lead in shaping a vision for our industry workforces in skills development, we want to help grow the industry in Cambodia and develop skills so other manufacturers will come to the country.

We develop resilient, creative, productive and adaptable workforces: Our goal is not to deliver only a course, it is to ensure that we will deliver competent and skilful people who can serve the industry. All our programs have a comprehensive theory and hands on approach.

We work and live in developing economies: We understand the cultural challenges in learning and applying learning to the workplace.

We have real impact on people and workplaces: Our programs have time and time again proven the impact on individual earnings and career progression. It is a win-win situation.

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