Training Programs

We are a Cambodian profit oriented institution providing consulting and training in production management and manufacturing skills as well as soft skills competency; the Society of Human Resource Management & Productivity- SHRMP is the successor to the Cambodia Skills Development Center – CASDEC and USAID-funded Garment Industry Productivity Center (GIPC) 2005.

Our Mission is to create employment and opportunity for Cambodian workers while improving the competitiveness of Cambodian industry overall. Success is measured in improvements in our clients’ operations, and professional gains of individuals who complete our programs.

We have been serving Light manufacturing sectors such as garment, footwear and small enterprises employing primarily lesser- educated young women.

We have began assisting the industry here in early 2006, and since then has helped clients to reduce quality problems, improve controls, and increase their output, in some cases by over 50%.

Services include consulting and training programs to solve specific problems, diagnostic assessments to identify opportunities for improvement, and in-factory coaching to integrate new methods and ensure good results. They include:

· Assessment of factory/workshops operations: a review of factory operations, systems and controls, and efficiency to identify strengths and obstacles to high performance, conducted by an internationally qualified engineer. The resulting report provides guidance for higher performance, planning investment, and identifying training needs. (The assessment generally takes 1-2 days.)

· Evaluating personnel aptitude and skills: How do you identify employees with high potential? In this program SHRMP technicians teach your human resources personnel to evaluate the aptitudes of current personnel or new hires and identify critical thinking, motor skills, and leadership potential, or simply match aptitude and occupation. Over 2 days, your staff will observe testing, conduct the tests themselves, and learn to interpret the results.

· Work and Time Study – Time measurement and applications: Low productivity wastes time and wages, but, even more significant, you lose the value of the pieces that are not produced. This course teaches how to measure time in manufacturing, and how to use that information to improve efficiency. Forty hours of classroom training are followed by 20 hours of in-factory coaching and guidance in applying the new skills. (Course taught at center during half days, and can be taught in your factory, depending on participation level.)

· Supervisory Principles The companies that promote the operator with good performance alone to be line leader/supervisor, without any management technique training, have found that they not only get an inefficient leader/supervisor, they lose a good worker. This course aim to develop the line management expertise and supervision skills of the participant.

· Improving sewing skills – Trainer Training: Continuous improvement is the key to high efficiency. One of the most effective ways to improve productivity is to teach improved sewing skills in the factory. This course enables you to prepare a small number of supervisors or experienced sewers to train operators. The course focuses on achieving higher speed and better quality, but also on workspace organization to minimize unnecessary movements and reduce fatigue.

· Using computer-assisted pattern maker: As a service to Cambodian garment makers, in early 2007 the center installed an automated plotter to produce patterns and markers. SHRMP offers an introduction to computer-assisted marker/pattern making, and will produce patterns and markers for factories in Cambodia on a for-fee basis.

· Quality Control System: As we know Productivity can’t go without quality, so SHRMP Quality Control have effective process for controlling quality at each step of the making up process, Including warehouse, Cutting room, sewing, and finishing sections to assure that the quality of the fabric and accessories of the making-up operations.

· Quality and Production Control Management: For the past three years, the organization has provided its services to small European brands manufacturing in Cambodia. Linking small buyers to suppliers in the country, its role remains mainly technical and acts as the local partner, ensuring the quality of the garment and its delivery on time to client.

SHRMP also offers technical skills training for supervisors, advanced work study, cutting room management and skills, and can adapt its training to individual factory needs.

Consulting and training are led by international apparel engineers and consultant Mr. Gino Marello Senior Engineer (with 40 years experience), and by our Cambodian technical staff. Courses are available in English, Khmer and Chinese.

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