Entrance Workforce Program


The course will prepare participants to enter industry environment   In particular, prepare rural people to join industrial workforce for more industrial type of labor and living environment.  The aim is also to show to future workers they can take pride in working for Cambodia industries.

Duration                           24 hours at the classroom (3 days or 6 half days)

Requirements               Recommendable to be able to read and write

Who should take this course?  New workforce who needs to be prepared to work in manufacturing industry

Course content

  • Overview of Cambodia and Its people
  • Job Readiness
    • Current Economy and Industries
    • Value and Necessity of Jobs
    • Job Preparation
    • Self Presentation
  • Profile of the company: who are they, what they do worldwide…? (optional)
  • Good Attitude of workers at workplace
    • Importance of good attitude at workplace
    • Good Attitude to Employer
    • General Attitude
    • Good attitude between workers
    • Importance of Safety and Health
  • Some Knowledge for Quality of Life
    • Beyond Workplace
    • Lifelong Learning
    • Planning for their time
    • Communication at Workplace
    • Income Management
    • Globalization

NB Training includes practical application with students.

Acquired knowledge and Outcome

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to understand Overview of Cambodia and Its people, Job Readiness, Good attitude of workers at Workplace, and some knowledge for Quality life.

The participant will have a better understanding of the workplace environment; s/he recognizes as well employer expectation, and will take pride to working for an international company investing in Cambodia. S/he should be better motivated to enter workforce and work actively in his/her job.

The trainee should overcome his/her apprehension of changes and realize the need of their life management.  By developing all these positive attitudes, the worker is more inclined to stay and work in his/her new urban/industrial environment.


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