The Experience @ SHRM&P

Working at SHRM&P, you will meet people from all walks of life:  amongst your colleagues in the office, amongst your clients and their people.  Regardless of the subject matter expertise you bring to the firm, you will:

Understand Industries Intimately:  Our work requires us to not only understand and address the issues at an enterprise level, but to understand through our work the common challenges that are arising at an industry and policy level.  Addressing and identifying the overall skills and development challenges, whether emerging or existing, is how we as firm, continuously develop and tailor our training programs to ensure we address skills shortages

Understand People, Their Personalities and Abilities :  Your work in developing talent and providing technical expertise at an enterprise level will provide you with a deep understanding of people overall, different personalities and how they work or don’t’ work together and how to get the best out of people.  In addition, given the multicultural environment we work in and the multicultural clients we work with, you will build your professional profile to be a leader in working with and understanding a wide range of people from all different economic and education backgrounds.

See the World and your Own Country:  We are working with clients that are taking us to different places.  We are working in industries, that require us to be mobile.  You will be required to travel, across borders, across provinces to work with the clients we work with.

Work Across Borders:  Our work is taking us across borders, not only from a communication perspective, but physically too.  You will be required to work across borders, across provinces, across countries.  You need to have the ability to travel and explore and bring back to others, the learnings and experiences you have received.

Have an impact, Leave behind a Legacy, Build unbelievable relationships:  All the work that we do has a real impact on business and on people.  You will have the opportunity to foster the most intensive and interesting relationships at SHRM&P with people from all walks of life, factory workers to CEOs and Ministers.  We provide one of the most rewarding careers and workplaces to be part of – every day, you will have the opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life.

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