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Getting people to see what they are truly capable of is an amazing experience.  We turn production lines into goal orientated, bottom line focused teams. We identify and build tomorrow’s managers and leaders.  As much as we coach, we learn.    That is why SHRM&P is a truly unique enterprise to be part of.

At SHRM&P, we are constantly helping people to achieve their best.  To transfer a skill, to transfer a concept, to transfer the idea that change can be good, even if it sets you back a little in the beginning.  It is an amazing experience to be able to have the opportunity to see people improving almost every day.

Our work is challenging, because it is not only about training.  It is about coaching and coaching requires you to not only have technical skills, but to have the ability and patience to transfer those skills to others who may not have the education or privileges that we have had.

At SHRM&P, as much as we are coaching others, the coaching we receive from our mentors and seniors is just as important for our own personal development.  We work in teams and our clients are demanding.  We are working in the middle of production schedules and service delivery schedule and we need to ensure that we keep people motivated and focussed on what we are doing with them.

To do what we do is the most rewarding experience, it also requires that we have a foundation of work place principles that allows us to manage our personal and work lives.  Our work principles are integrated from our sister company HRINC to ensure that we maintain a culture of unity, a firm as one and both deliver exceptional services to our clients. 

Work smart, have an impact:

The number of hours you spend at work is not what matters.  It is the impact that you have that is more important – at work, for your environment and society, and personally.  There is no such thing as “I have nothing to do or there is nothing to do!”  Every person in the office is viewed as a future manager and leader – you need to demonstrate that in everything that you!  Cease every moment to have an impact – if not for your client, for your team, yourself, your community, your future!

Family and Work Life Balance

Family is very important to us.  In an environment and culture where the younger generation so often carries the full burden of family responsibilities and care, we make sure that our people have the time and space needed to manage family affairs.  If you work smart and are making a difference, your team will stand in for you so that you can manage family emergencies.

Eat well, exercise, nourish yourself and live a healthy life

Our environment is changing fast and demands a lot from us physically and mentally.  Every day we are faced with many different pressures and expectations. The weather impacts us, the food we eat impacts our ability to function effectively and remain healthy and so the choices we make to nourish and sustain ourselves are very important.  In a world with too many choices and varieties, it is easy to lose track of living a healthy life.  We mostly don’t think about what we eat and the impact it has on our ability to cope in our environment.  Medical facilities are provided to staff to be proactive about health issues and not wait until matters become serious.  At SHRM&P, we like to think about what we eat, eat well and enjoy eating, exercise and nourish ourselves so that we can live healthy and fulfilled lives.

Have fun, Laugh and Enjoy what you Do

There is never a dull moment in the diversity of what we do and the people we work with. We believe in having fun at work, laughing, reflecting and enjoying what we do with our team mates and clients.  Sometimes, that means crying together when it is needed.  We build some of the deepest friendships and networks at work that we will maintain throughout life.  At SHRM&P, we believe that these friendships and relationships are what help us to be better as individuals and to see things differently.   The friendships and networks we build are one of the reasons why we are an unbelievable workplace to be part of.

Remain true to our Values

The hardest part about doing business is the uncertainty we constantly face:  uncertainty through lack of information, uncertainty because of conflicting information.  In everything we do, we remain true to our values, to do right by the client, to tell the truth like it is, to be clear, to be honest, to conduct ourselves professionally and with the highest standards of integrity.  To never waiver from making hard decisions and ask the right questions.  To never put our own self first.  To ensure we hold each other up to the highest standards. To make decisions that impact our firm, as a team and to stand together when faced with adversity.

Spend time where it matters

Time management is arguably the one task that we don’t spend sufficient time doing and as a result, we often spend hours doing things that really don’t matter.  It is the most important habit we should be able to do with ease and arguably, the most important habit we should master.  Make time for planning and prioritising so that you can really make a difference.

Share so that we all grow, develop the future talent pool

We all have different talents and expertise.  We can all learn from each other, no matter what our position, no matter what our seniority.  Controlling and keeping your skills and knowledge to yourself stops you from growing, stops you from achieving.  It is important that we leave an indelible impression on those that we meet, and those people that we work with.  The greatest legacy we leave behind, is knowing that we have shared what we know, so that others can grow and flourish too.

Be honest in every interaction

Our values define who we are as individuals and as a team.  As we ensure intellectual rigor and honesty to our clients, so too, do we ensure honesty and integrity towards each other.  Cheat and you will be cheating those who are closest to you and for that there is no leniency.

We are equal, we are smart, we are exceptional at what we do

No client is too small, no individual is not good enough to help.  No matter how big or small, we ensure we invest the time and energy into everyone who comes our way.  If we are unable to help, we say so with truthful reasoning.

To foster an incredible team environment

To understand that we never achieve anything alone.  To acknowledge that what we achieve is a result of the efforts of an entire supporting team who contribute to making the work environment and facilities we have, the most professional they can be as they ensure we are maintained with pride.  To listen to each other and encourage each other.  To help even if it is not in our job description.  To lead by doing, not by talking. To appreciate the seemingly small things that make a big difference to how we operate and deliver our services. 

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