For Existing Manufacturers & Buyers

Improving Productivity at Enterprise Level
The first step is to diagnose the health of your production floor, within one day, our technician will observe, measure and qualify your production floor, from the performance of your actual system to your human resources (from workers to middle managers).  All sections (warehouse to finishing report is confidential and will be delivered in 6 days after the assessment.  The report will present the strength and the areas for improvement of your production management and its floor.

Next step is to envisage a remediation program but focus at one program at a time.  Two poles are envisaged:

Production Management – Industrial Engineering
SHRM&P works with employers to identify high potential individuals and works with them to improve in-factory productivity.  Key elements of the training include: create IE team and department to organized more efficiently production line, management of line production process, sequences of operations to produce/assembly a product and supervisory skills and methods to improve labor efficiency.  

Specialized industry skills training
SHRM&P has training packages developed to fill needs for specific skill sets: pattern making, industrial engineering, production management preparation (through local universities), and human resources evaluation for technical skills and middle-management.

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For Big Buyers, Brands, Niche Buyers & Boutiques

We offer a service in Quality and Production Control Management
For the past four years, SHRM&P has provided its services to small European brands manufacturing in Cambodia.  Linking small buyers to suppliers in the country, its role remains mainly technical and acts as the local partner, ensuring the quality of the garment and its delivery on time to client. 
More and more buyers/vendors from China and Vietnam are looking for suppliers in Cambodia, and finding efficient firm to inspect their products manufacturers.  They save in time and cost as sending their own people is an additional expense to charge on the product, not to mention that s/he will not speak local language.

Identifying Good Factories to Place Orders
Business matching, identification of manufacturing facilities, Factory introduction We can help relocate your order in Cambodia, find the right supplier(s)/manufacturers for your need and requirement.  From big orders (200,000 pieces to 5,000 pieces per month) to very small orders (1,000 pieces per month).  We can search for the best manufacturers offering as well the best facilities

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