CAD (Computer Assisted Design) services

SHRMP Fee Schedule for use of the Automated Plotter/pattern making System

 The Center is pleased to be able to offer Cambodia’s garment manufacturers the service of a Gerber automated patternmaking/marker system.

Computer-generated markers ensure both higher fabric utilization, and more consistent quality.  The service can also be used to replace damaged markers, or markers originally generated for fabric of a different width.

 All new users are allowed one free test of the service. 

 Standard Service:  Digitalize pattern

                                 Produce marker (includes check)

                                 Soft copy (CD)


Occasional user fee:

                         $25 minimum (includes 1 hour of equipment and technician)

                        $15 per additional hour

 Subscription service:

 For regular users of SHRMP’s marker-making capability, we offer a package price of

$50/month, which includes up to 4 hours each month. 

 Any time over 4 hours will be charged at $10/hour.

 Extras:                 Printing (paper cost only)

                              Producing grading

                              Other – quotation provided if it is a service we can offer

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