Diagnosis assessment

Duration : 4 to 8 hours (1 full day)


1. To gather information allowing us to analyze current production

2. To identify areas where your factory may gain efficiency and lower costs

3. To meet key management and production personnel at their working section

During the assessment visit, we will visit the manufacturing areas to understand the organization, production process and flow, information management, and to talk with the management and supervisors about the factory’s work system.

Key Personnel:

The visit will be most effective if we are able to meet with the Factory Manager and area managers from Human Resources and the technical departments in Production Planning, Work and Time study/Engineering, Production Management including Quality Control, Waste Control, Costing, Cutting and Sewing, Finishing, and Shipping.

Information Needs:

We would like to review data from the last 1 month with regard to:

  • Number of employees in direct/manufacturing positions and indirect positions (separately for the cutting room, for the sewing and the finishing)
  • Hours or minutes spent monthly in production
  • Efficiency and performance control data
  • Quality control records
  • Examples of different garments produced, and data including
  • Daily output for each, organized according to level of complexity
  • Standard times of production targets, if any

· Workflow chart

· Factory layout

· Operators time- and line-balance, if any

· Production control system

We would also like to understand your compensation and incentive system.

All information will be held in strictest confidence; our only purpose is to identify opportunities for the factory to improve its productivity, quality, and profitability.

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