Introduction to Pattern Making Level 1

Introduction to PATTERN MAKING

For Garment Factory and Small/ Medium Apparel Manufacturers

The course will prepare participants to enter industry environment   In particular, prepare rural people to join industrial workforce for more industrial type of labor and living environment.  The aim is also to show to future workers they can take pride in working for Cambodia industries.

Duration: 40 hours theory and manual practice and 40 hours using CAD system


  • Ability to use an industrial sewing machine and assemble a basic garment
  • Good mathematics skills
  • Spoken English and written English would be helpful, but a Khmer translator will be provided

 Who Should Take This Course?

·         People who want to have a better understanding of patterns – how they are made, how a pattern works and how to interpret them.

·         People who work with patterns such as computer marker makers and graders, high level sample machinists and designers.


·         Introduce flat patternmaking principles – dart manipulation, added fullness and contouring

·         Teach the basics of creating a production pattern

·         Teach fit analysis – balancing and truing, identifying fit and pattern problems

·         Demonstrate the process of taking the design and creating a pattern on CAD system

 During the course participants will:

·         Create a bodice, skirt and sleeve block

·         Learn to manipulate darts for styling and creating style lines

·         Learn to develop collars, skirts and sleeves

·         Create a finished production pattern

·         Learn principles of fit analysis

·         Learn garment finishes

·         Create a pattern from a finished garment


Those completing the course will receive a certificate confirming they have produced a pattern (including supporting draft, specification sheet and toile), and learned to transfer to a computerized pattern-making system and use the system to manipulate the design.

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