Production Management for SME



Meeting the Challenges of a better production management

Cambodia’s small-scale textiles and handicraft sector encompasses a diverse set of not for profit organizations and private companies, but both have been required from their buyers to answer to common criteria’s: price, time delivery, and quality. In a more competitive environment and under pressure to maintain decent income for their organization, attention is not only on how to market their product, but on how to increase efficiency in making the product; efficiency in term of cost, in production itself which will go along with quality.

This course is oriented for training of the small and medium apparel manufacturers to better production management control. The content is concentrating on the knowledge about production techniques and the application of management control ie; how to manage people for each activity, organized production in a workshop.

Education required: minimum of 9 years of school

The candidate must be:          dynamic


                                                              good personality

                                                                good sense of discipline

Possible admission:  Passed the required ability tests

Candidate must know how to sew and finish a garment or to

Know how to make the sequence of the products made at their workshop.

Conditions for the course:  For theoretical teaching: an isolated room, with a table and a    chair, blackboard, note pads, pencil, rubber, and a calculator for each of the candidates.

If the SME has not the facility, it can be done at SHRMP classroom.

                                                                       Practical exercises and implementation of the production system should be done at the workshop.

Follow up

50 hours in workshop to implement concept and method learned in classroom. Coaching and Implementation of a production control method that the workshop will be able to use after.  We can show the factory the positive result on the productivity improvement by method study which is one part of the supervisor duties. A report will be produced at the end of the follow up with guidelines and recommendation. 

Outcome :

The participant will learn to define through planning and programming, the techniques for garment construction, cutting, separation and finishing

The participant will learn the fundamentals of line balancing which will be leading to the optimization of a sewing production line. He will be able to prepare specification sheets, line balance information’s by using standard times provided by the Industrial Engineering service or he has produced himself. The student will also be able to propose the optimum sequence of the operations, calculate the production targets for each operation, production line, product or model and will design the most productive line layout.


The participant will be introduced to production and workflow controls and to basic knowledge related to inspection and quality control.


The participant will acquire all the technical skills necessary to be recognized as a competent “Assistant Line Supervisor” and/ or planning technician.

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