Sewing Operator Training Trainer

The objective of the course is to teach qualified supervisors/line leaders, or skilled operators with leadership skills, to train sewing operators in the factory. At the end of the course, participants will understand the organizational and mechanical factors that affect operator performance and learned instruction techniques to reduce learning time for new operators and to improve the efficiency of experienced operators. These are key elements in a skilled, flexible workforce.

Duration: 40 hours at the factory training facility and 50 hours follow-up during the certified trainers’ first course.

Requirements: Minimum 3 years experience as sewing operator

Supervisor or related leadership responsibility

Training experience helpful

Secondary school education with good literacy and basic mathematics are required;

University-level education helpful

Participants will be instructing Cambodian operators; Khmer required, English recommended.

SHRMP offers an Aptitude Test that is highly recommended for all candidates and is generally conducted at the factory prior to final selection of participants. SHRMP will instruct HR personnel on how to administer and interpret the test for future use.


Trainer candidates will take the course with a group of operators, observing SHRMP instructors and their methods, then will teach a second group of operators under the supervision of SHRMP instructors.

Course content:

  • How to introduce new employees to industrial production and the company culture
  • Operation of single needle, overlock, and safety stitch machines including basic maintenance
  • Techniques to increase operator speed while maintaining high quality
  • Workstation organization and housekeeping
  • Safety procedures and techniques to minimize physical stress
  • Calculating targets and managing output, including incentives, support and problem solving


Successful participants will be qualified to train or re-train sewing operators in the use of three basic industrial sewing machines. They will also be able to explain the overall organization and flow of an industrial sewing factory/workshop as well as motivation and teamwork in the production line.

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