SHRM&P Clients

Our clients come from all walks of life.  They are the world’s largest manufacturers and brands, and Asia’s most promising SMEs and brands.  A common trait amongst our clients is top management passion around talent management, workforce development and helping people and team achieves their highest potential. Since the foundation of the organization, we have been able to serve successfully over 80 factories. Some of our clients of yesterday are our today’ s clients as we are assisting them to grow their facilities.  

 Our Clients are passionate and vested in the Environment and People they work in.  They are the owners and executives of the largest manufacturing plants and businesses in the countries where they operate, and they are driven to succeed in their operations.  They are committed to the continued implementation of what we do; they are committed to seeing their workforces succeed.  They are the global leaders of today; many are the up and coming leaders of tomorrow.  They ensure we continue to re-evaluate how we do things, how we meet expectations, and how we internalise our own development and future.

Our Clients are Driven, Innovative, Always wanting to Exceed Expectations.   Our clients are people who carry enormous responsibility, deal with complex challenges in a fast changing environment and they all have an intuition that knows, nothing can be achieved alone.  They are driven, want to exceed expectations and want to take to their team with them on the journey.  They surround themselves with good people and talented people.  We help our clients to navigate, to bridge the often complex challenges on cultural barriers and understanding and ensure that their teams and workforces are travelling the same journey.

Our Clients are the Biggest and The Smallest.  Our Clients are very diverse.   We have worked with the biggest businesses, and we have also worked with the smallest enterprises.  We have worked across Cambodia.  We are also working in China and Laos.  We speak the language of our clients, we understand the intricacies of each business we work with and that is what makes us unrivalled in the impact that we have, no matter how big or small our clients are.

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